Max Brenner: A Haven for the Ladies

Max Brenner’s must be packed with singles on Valentines Day. What better place to drown your sorrows than to have chocolate covered…everything? I recently went there for a friend’s 20th birthday and, let me tell you, this place seriously puts Willy Wonka to shame.
What we got: a LOT. Since this stuff is pretty expensive, we ordered different things and just shared it.

"Sharing" (for two) - 24.95

Price: a LOT. This is not somewhere to go every week. Your wallet (and gut) will not be able to handle it. At the same time, it’s well worth it if you like high quality chocolate. And yes, for the record, you can taste the difference between good and crappy chocolate.
Thoughts: Absolutely amazing. I love rich chocolate and this place looks like a room from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. There’s even pipes where chocolate flows through. The richness of the chocolate, though, means that you can’t really eat too much of it without feeling sick. Personally, I have a high tolerance, but even I was feeling woozy after awhile. What I found most amazing is that every is so classy. You’d expect a chocolate restaurant to be kind of cliche and tacky, but this is so refined. 

"Chocolate Pizza - THE WORKS" = $9.50

What you NEED to order: Spring for the drinks. I had to drive or I’d have ordered something alcoholic, but pretty much any drink is good, especially their hot chocolates and frappes.
Extra tip: Although their normal food is actually good, it’s not a 

"Mocha Frappe" - 7.50

restaurant to go for “meals.” Especially with its cost, I’d suggest eating your meal beforehand and going there for the desserts if you’re on a budget.

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