Sherry Yard

I don’t buy many frivolities as a broke college student and that includes cooking books. Why pay for recipes when good (and legal) ones are available for free? But I quickly snatched up this one when I found it. I have always wanted a detailed explanation of kitchen mysteries from a seasoned pastry chef. Author Sherry Yard has worked for Wolfgang Puck, cooks dessert for the Oscars every year, and (this one’s the clincher) gets the star of approval from my hero, David Lebovitz. I had to check her out!

I was pretty lucky to get it for 25 bucks because it’s out of print and most are selling it for well over the list price ($35) – some users are selling it for over $120!

In any case, I can’t wait until it ships so I can bake up some deliciousness!


One response to “Sherry Yard

  1. can’t wait to try the recipes.. and by try i mean taste the fruits of your labor. ❤

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