Red is the color of Love. Or Anger. Or Yumminess.

It’s February. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Sappy lovesick couples go out on sappy dates. As for me… well, at least I get to do some baking.

Something about Red Velvet just screams Valentines Day. For those sappy couples, it exudes love. For bitter scorned lovers, the redness might be anger towards said happy couples. (Of course, happily single folk like me just love to eat baked goods) Either way, there’s a sense of passion in the redness, even if the color is fake. Some people like theirs to be “subtly” red… I say, if you’re going to do it, do it all the way and make it an exotically deep color.


The recipe is from Magnolia Bakery in New York and can be found at Epicurious. I didn’t make any alterations to it and there doesn’t need to be: this recipe is my favorite red velvet recipe ever. Not too sweet or bland, and it’s incredibly moist. The vanilla frosting, with its milk/flour base, is ingenious. It cuts the fat while keeping it creamy and smooth. The only tip I have is that the icing should be refrigerated for about half an hour (even though the recipe said exactly 15) because it will be too runny, as you can see from the pictures.

3 responses to “Red is the color of Love. Or Anger. Or Yumminess.

  1. Love love this red velvet cupcakes. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. actually this is an older picture. I usually take pictures and don’t get around to posting until much later. i’m pretty sure you ate these haha 🙂

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