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Raw Food Flush: Day Two

I’m DYING! I’m not actually hungry, but I’m just craving everything!

I caved a little bit today and ate some bread. It’s weird, I’m not hungry because I can eat all of the veggies I want, but after awhile I just start craving carbs and meat like no other after about four in the evening. I finally had a slice of turkey, a little rice, and a bit of fish, and some bread. It wasn’t all that much in total, but still. I remember literally sitting at my office and just thinking about food.


Raw Food Flush: Day One

So I decided to do a raw food flush. For those who don’t know, it’s a diet where you only eat raw veggies. Obviously, you can’t survive on this diet for more than a few days (AND SHOULD NOT TRY), but this really flushes out the toxins in your body.

I’m cheating just a little bit. THis diet usually calls for fresh veggies AND fresh juice, but since I can’t really be wasting so much time and money in buying and ¬†juicing all these fruits, I just have store-bought apple cider and orange juice. Also, I have opted to drink milk as well during this time.

Groceries: I bought edamame, sugar snap peas, spinach leaves, broccolli, whole carrots, and celery from Trader Joe’s for $17. Not bad considering it’s all organic. I also bought chocolate covered bananas as a last hurrah before I started my diet…. but that’s neither here nor there :P. The juice and milk were from my favorite market, Halo Farm (rave review about this place to come), $2 for each juice and 1.23 for the milk.

Experience: I never knew how much I loved edamame. This is also cheating a bit, since they’re not really raw when you eat them but boiled. But they’re super healthy so I figured they could be my “delicacy” for the day. It’s only my first day and I’m already half way through them!

Aside from that, all is going well. I don’t know if this is just a placebo, but I find myself with more energy already. And while I did crave snacks at first, it stopped really bothering.

I hit two snags today, though. I ate through most of my veggie breakfast without a hitch but, fifteen minutes later, I threw it all up quite violently. I don’t know what happened but I was quite fine after that. My second snag was taht my dad didn’t know that I was on this diet and made me dinner… so I had to eat a little bit or else risk offending him.

I had allowed myself in my original plan to eat one cookie at the end of every day that I was good, but… when I ate the cookie today, I found I didn’t really want it! What a surprise!