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Dairy Delite: proof that sketchy places serve the best food

At first glance, this might look like a shady place to be. You wonder, who would get ice cream here? But this is one of my spots for cold, delicious creaminess. I’m thoroughly convinced that the best food places are incredibly sketchy and dingy. It’s next to my church in Levittown, PA and those of you locals should definitely trek on out there if you haven’t already. Creamy, thick ice cream from a place with a decrepit-looking giant ice cream cone as a sign. Served in an ummarked styrofoam cup. Mmmmm.


Strawberry ice cream - ~2.50


Momofuku Milk Bar and Magnolia

So I’m preparing to go to Taiwan for the summer – something I’ll probably write about later. I had to go to New York to get my visa and since I was paying a ridiculous amount to get there (28$ round trip Princeton Junction to Penn Station? You’d think the tickets were made of crack.), I figure I’d make a day trip out of it. I ended up going alone, which was amazing . I got to roam around (read: get mad lost) and go where I wanted to go and take my sweet time ambling.

And I ambled all over. For those of you New York socialites who know your way around, read this and weep: Penn Station –> Taiwanese Embassy (5th and 42nd)–> Rockefeller Plaza –> Magnolia Bakery (6th and 49th) –> Momofuku Milk Bar (2nd and 13th) –> Penn Station. And since I’m poor and wanted to maximize my dessert money, I brought my own lunch/water and didn’t take the subway. My feet hated me afterward, but I ended up only spending ~18$ for my trip, minus the cost of that stupid, hot, smelly train – not bad for the city.

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